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We help you effortlessly understand your personal risks and match you with the right insurance coverages.


Why Us

We all face unique risks based on our personal circumstances and financial situation. That's why we developed Risk Score that uses data and industry-leading analytics to assess your personal risk, in the most holistic way. We tell you exactly how much insurance coverage you need, no more, no less.

No hassle, no cost, no catch.


Our Promise

Get your result in 3 mins

Personalized risk solution with just a few clicks of a finger.


Understanding your risk should not be a privilege, but a responsibility.

Industry-leading analytics

Algorithm based on actuarial science and risk modeling.

Your reliable advisor

Impartial analytics that expose the hidden iceberg.


The right type of insurance and coverage amount? But can I just figure it out myself?

Rule of thumb rarely works in quantifying personal risks. Unfortunately, most people are either under-insured or not covered by the right type of policy. It means that if anything happens, you and your family may lose what you have. The right type and amount of insurance you should buy depend on many factors, including...

  • Financial position
  • Personal life situation
  • Attitude towards risk
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Having peace of mind is a key to happiness.

We empower you to take actions with recommendations that we think are the best fit for your situation. Better yet, we are not affiliated with any insurance company or brokerage so that we can offer you the most unbiased advice. You can monitor your risk score just like a credit score overtime and always have peace of mind, particular when life events happen.

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